Timber fencing is often people’s go to fence as they are affordable and are what people know as a classic fence. However, there are many other great reasons to choose a timber fence and have it installed by True Blue Fencing.

We use locally sourced timber to ensure a quality finish to your timber fence. Timber sourced from renewable pine forests provides a sturdy wood, that is environmentally friendly and can be cost effective. We won’t offer your 100’s of different options of imported or manufactured fences, our core skillset is quality workmanship and paired with the lovely local timber you can be assured you will get a fence to suit your needs.

Timber fencing is fantastic as it is so customisable. At True Blue Fencing we can paint, treat, varnish and cut your palings so they can blend into the surrounding landscape or can become a feature of your property. The right timber fence can add a Hampton’s feel to your property with a vertical white picket fence, horizontal dark timber slats can add an uber modern feel, or a natural wood can channel the country and backyard bbq’s.

A timber fence can be used as a décor feature, can provide security or privacy, or can be a necessity for keeping pets and children contained!

True Blue Fencing’s tradespeople are all licensed and fully insured and are excellent at helping you find the best fence for whatever purpose and budget. We will remove existing fences where applicable and dispose of the materials before installation of your new fence. Making the whole process quicker and easier for you.

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