If you’re looking for a fencing company who doesn’t overcharge, waste time, or disrupt your property in any way, True Blue Fencing are the people to call. As a family run business who only use locally sourced materials, we offer a reliably high quality of work that can be hard to find elsewhere. With fully licensed and insured tradespeople, prices to meet your budget, and step by step communication, we ensure stress-free installations across Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.

Why We Recommend Timber Fencing

Timber is one of the most customisable options on the market. If you choose to use it, we’ll ask some questions and determine exactly what style you’d like. Whether you want a feature fence that draws attention, or something that doesn’t detract from the view of your house at all, a timber fence can be cut, painted, and treated accordingly. Natural, modern, or even traditional white picket fences are all within the range of possible looks.

Like other fences, timber is great for security, privacy, and making sure your children or pets are safe, but they can also be more affordable than other materials.

More Fencing Options

However, if you’re ‘on the fence’ about timber, we offer Colorbond and designer options too!

Colorbond panels are constructed from steel and cut to set lengths, so they’re not as customisable, but they make up for this with strength, durability, and increased security. They come in many long-lasting colours and shades as well, have a modern look, and are easy to clean. But if you’d like something more individualised, or your land has an unusual layout, you might consider a designer fence, which can be made of anything from steel and timber to lattice brick and sandstone.

If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to get started, contact us today to discuss the best option for your home!